I'm Nell. I build actionable inspiration with high-performing individuals and their organizations. 


What I Do

I speak at conferences, top universities, and private events to share my work as the founder + CEO of Inspiring Capital: guiding people to do meaningful work that aligns with their skills. I'm a contributor at Forbes, writing about the increasingly common challenge of job transitions, to get to that meaningful work. We are all most engaged, satisfied, and productive in that state of actionable inspiration. I will help you and your organization get there, to perform at your best.

Nell tells it like it is, eloquently and diplomatically. She inspires and motivates collectively.
— Samira Salman, Salman Solutions

Nell Derick Debevoise stands out from other experts on ‘purpose’ and ‘meaning,’ thanks to her conviction that we have to dedicate our best resource to solving the world’s greatest problems. This belief is based on Nell's global experience and training.

Nell inspires leaders and their organizations to contribute by connecting their unique talents and interests with their communities’ needs. Those connections lead to engagement and inspiration, which drive success, prosperity, and satisfaction. Nell’s candid approach is refreshingly use-able for busy people and organizations.

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Nell Derick Debevoise (far left)

Nell Derick Debevoise (far left)


Keynote & Workshop Topics

Nell is an energetic speaker with unexpected and actionable insights that play well with a wide range of motivated professionals. She is effective on a stage in front of thousands, as well as a small interactive session of senior leaders. Nell will customize the session for your specific audience and logistical needs.

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