Building Actionable Inspiration

Nell has studied adult learning, innovation strategy, intercultural education, and organizational psychology at many of the world’s top universities (Harvard, Cambridge, Sorbonne Nouvelle, Università di Roma, and Columbia and London Business Schools), starting with a public school education in Hartford, CT. She has lived and worked in the private, public, and for-profit sectors on four continents, supporting refugees in the Middle East; teaching corporate executives in New York about Social Responsibility; and mediating between Turkish and Cypriot officials. 

This diverse experience revealed two related problems that led Nell to create Inspiring Capital. First, business professionals, and their organizations, crave ways to connect their work to a larger purpose. And on the other hand, the efficacy of not-for-profits and government is limited by their lack of business skills. Inspiring Capital recruits and trains Fellows from the private sector to provide strategy and financial sustainability for high-impact organizations like Goodwill, the American Red Cross, Venture for America, Girl Rising, and Welcoming America. This work builds inspired, high-performing, and impactful professionals and organizations.