Nell is an energetic speaker with unexpected and actionable insights that play well with a wide range of motivated professionals. She is effective on a stage in front of thousands, as well as a small interactive session of senior leaders. Nell will customize the session for your specific audience and logistical needs, drawing from topics including those below.

The Business Case for Purpose
Purpose has become a mandate from customers, employees and even investors. But what does it really mean, and how does it affect my day job? Nell presents research and case studies to demonstrate how aligning our work with purpose improves our productivity, creativity, collaboration, and physical and mental well-being. This is one of Nell’s favorite topics and can be delivered in a range of formats, from 30 minutes to 3 hours or more, depending on your needs and audience.

The Spectrum of Impact™: Find Meaning Where You Are
There are ever-more ways to contribute to meaningful social and environmental change, so it can be confusing to understand how and where to plug in. And most of us aren’t ready for a total career 180, we just want our day’s work to matter. Nell demystifies the range of options to contribute meaningfully, from not-for-profit organizations to social ventures, and the growing world of corporate responsibility and sustainability. 

Authentic Networking: Build Connections that are Good for You, Your Company, and The World
The idea of ‘networking’ often elicits groans, particularly from introverts, caretakers who can’t manage evening obligations, or other humans who don’t enjoy awkward cocktail parties with bad hors' d’oeuvres. Nell presents sociological research and neuroscience for why the interpersonal connections that result from ‘networking,’ are good for our individual well-being and performance, as well as our companies. She extends this benefit to broader societal good that emerges from new person-to-person connections, providing a distinct and compelling motivation for even the most reluctant networker. As every workshop, this includes tactical tips and take-aways for participants to put to use.

Do What Matters: The Art of Dropping Balls as an Ambitious Professional
We’re all overwhelmed these days at home and work, and it’s increasingly difficult to sort the important from the urgent. Nell makes an effective case, along with specific and practical tips, to spend the time to focus on the things that really matter in order to perform our best.

Help Millennials Make Meaning At Work
Now the largest generation in the workforce, it’s frequently observed that Millennials demand a sense of purpose in their work. But as young professionals, they don’t yet have the experience to connect the dots between what they’re doing and how that matters, bigger picture. So they’re stuck feeling that their work lacks purpose. By helping Millennials, and their managers, appreciate the context of their work, Nell activates the best elements of the Millennial mindset to help them perform better.

Insecurity Is Selfish and Other Good Reasons to Do What You Love
No one worries about their hair when they’re running to help someone who’s fallen on the street. This is just once case of how making meaning in our work can get us out of our own heads into satisfyingly productive work. Because we perform best – by a factor of 3, according to recent research by Bain – when we are doing work that inspires us. So it is not a self-indulgent exercise to find work that matches our unique interests, but rather a strategic performance hack. 

The Spectrum of Capital: Put Your Assets to Work for Good
There are a wide variety of ways to use financial capital to advance social and environmental progress. Ranging from tax-deductible donations, to concessionary-rate loans, to commercial equity investments, and others in between, none is good or bad. But they serve different purposes and provide different returns, so it’s important to grasp the range of options and make decisions accordingly. This material is particularly useful for current or aspiring philanthropists, investors, and their advisors.